Johanny Lopéz Domínguez

Johanny Lopéz Domínguez comes to Georgetown University by way of the Dominican Republic where she was born and raised. In 2005, Johanny moved to the United States with her family and has come a long way as an immigrant to this country. Johanny currently studies International Economics at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. At Georgetown, she leads a bible study group for Chi Alpha, a campus ministry where she feels at home. Johanny was one of the founders of Georgetown University Riqueza Dominicana, a group on campus that seeks to bring the Dominican culture alive at Georgetown. Johanny has been involved in the Kalmanovitz Initiative’s Student Day Laborer Exchange Program where she was inspired to understand labor rights issues in the United States.  She was also a 2013 community-organizing fellow at the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor where she worked to help restaurant workers understand their rights.  Johanny’s determination comes from her desire to help underprivileged communities.


Author: PackHangSeo123

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